Another successful shutdown – Control actuator repair

Our Durban workshop repair team has just completed the full service and painting of NAF-Turnex control valve actuators for a local chemical cellulose mill. As they are all control valves the client was satisfied that the valves were all still in good working order and wanted us to focus on the control actuators.

Valves in the pictures are

The actuators are all NAF-Turnex high cycle modulating control actuators that mount directly to all of the valves without the need for brackets. The NAF-D30 positioner also fits directly to the actuator without the need for brackets.

Most items are standard stock items for us.

Talk to our technical specialists today to see how we can assist with your control valve applications or how we can service and repair your existing valves. Our repair and reconditioning facilities are located in both Durban and Secunda.

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