Mining & Minerals

Valve & Automation provide solutions to this tough industry where most valves do not last more than a few weeks on abrasive slurries. Machinery and plant must be capable of dealing with media with a high amount of solids, abrasive material, corrosive chemicals as well as high velocities. Engineers and plant operators must be able to have complete control over their operation and select pipeline equipment that is reliable and able to withstand these harsh conditions. Linear and rotary valves must be able to operate for long periods without getting jamming or clogging. Replacing of parts and routine maintenance must be done quickly easily to reduce downtime and the impact on production. V&A are able to offer butterfly valves, control valves, knife gate valves, chemical handling valves or positioners for rotary or linear valves.

For waste water and water with impurities the NAF-Torex butterfly valve is an ideal option for isolation, on/off or control. On chilled water plants flow control needs are met with the NAF-Setball ball sector valve. Deep level mining has many challenges including how to protect high pressure multi-stage pumps while operating at under minimum flow conditions. Installing a Schroeder Automatic Recirculation Valve (ARC Valve) will protect these valuable pumps from overheating, cavitation leading to excessive noise and instability while operating under minimum flow conditions. On milling plants valves see very high wear due to this harsh operation and the Stafsjö SLV Slurry Knife Gate Valve will help to solve problems experienced on other valves. Cyclones will separate minerals and will benefit from the Stafsjö SLV Slurry Knife Gate Valve or the Stafsjö HG Through Going Knife Gate Valve. Chemicals used in mineral separation will require Richter Fully Lined Valves to isolate and control them. The Richter Fully Lined Valves would be ideal for demin water applications on steam plants. For tailings plants where materials are separated from the valuable minerals the Stafsjö SLV Slurry Knife Gate Valve with its replaceable seats will assist with quick and easy maintenance. The Stafsjö MV Knife Gate Valve would be ideal for waste water to light slurry applications when fitted with a polyurethane seat while the Stafsjö HG Through Going Knife Gate Valve would be used on difficult slurry applications when fitted with chromed blade and polyurethane seats. The harshest applications are more suited to the Stafsjö SLV Slurry Knife Gate Valve where it’s replaceable seat will ensure that no flowing media comes into contact with any metal components while in the fully open position. The valve blade completely withdraws from the flowing media and the internal seats form and extension to the pipeline. With the large range of brackets for positioners available we are able to fit the our Intelligent Valve Positioners to almost any rotary or linear valve on the market today.

Mining Process

M = Manual    O = On/Off    C = Modulating Control

Application / Media% SolidsMOCV&A Solution
CleanEccentric Plug Control Valve
LowWB Knife Gate Valve
Air - CompressedNAFTorex HP Butterfly Valve
Boiler - Blow downCleanArcaEcotrol Globe Control Valve
Boiler - FeedwaterNAFTorex HP Butterfly Valve
CleanResilient Seated Butterfly Valve
CleanNAFTorex HP Butterfly Valve
CleanArcaFlow Characterised Ball Control
Chemical FeedCleanRichterLined Ball, B/Fly, Safety Valves
Chemical handling (demin plant)RichterLined Ball, Butterfly & Plug Valves
Chlorine (Wet)CleanRichterLined Ball, Plug, Butterfly & Safety Valves
Demin WaterCleanRichterLined Ball, Plug, Butterfly & Safety Valves
Hydrochloric AcidCleanRichterLined Ball, B/Fly, Safety Valves
Metal SulphateCleanRichterLined Ball, B/Fly, Safety Valves
NAF SteamCleanNAFTorex HP Butterfly Valve
Non ReturnNAFSwing Check
Pump ProtectionCleanSchroederMinimum flow recirculation valves
Safety ValvesBesaSafety Valves
Sampling Valves - ChemicalCleanRichterLined Ball, B/Fly, Safety Valves
Sodium HydroxideCleanRichterLined Ball, B/Fly, Safety Valves
SteamCleanEccentric Plug Control Valve
CleanArcaEcotrol Globe Control Valve
CleanZwickTriple Eccentric / Triple Offset Rotary Process Valve
Steam, Vapors, Gases & LiquidsBesaSafety Valves
Sulphuric AcidCleanRichterLined Ball, B/Fly, Safety Valves
RichterLined & Sleeved Plug Valves
Valve PositionersPMVValve Rotary & Linear Positioners
Water - Chiller PlantCleanEccentric Plug Control Valve
CleanNAFSetball "V" Ball Sector Valve
CleanNAFTorex HP Butterfly Valve
Water - ProcessLowResilient Seated Butterfly Valve
MediumEccentric Plug Control Valve
MediumNAFSetball "V" Ball Sector Valve
LowNAFTorex HP Butterfly Valve
MediumStafsjöMV Knife Gate Valve
LowStafsjöWB Knife Gate Valve
Water - RawCleanResilient Seated Butterfly Valve
LowStafsjöWB Knife Gate Valve
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