Catalytic Cracking Unit

Arca Ecotrol® control valves Series 8C, 6N, and 6H with either pressure-balanced and non-pressure-balanced, can be used for almost all refinery media, such as oil, petrol, diesel, LPG, and Hydrocarbon gases through to hydrogen, as well as hydrogen fluoride and acid gas (NACE). They are available with  multistage trims which are suitable for applications in which cavitation and flashing occur. Sizes range from 1/2" to 28" in pressure classes ANSI 150 to 2500.

Standard materials include ASTM A216WCB and ASTM A351 CF8M. Special versions made from Hastelloy and Monel are available on request. Working temperatures range from -190 °C to +570 °C.

Valve & Automation factory trained specialists with extensive plant experience will be able to assist in sizing and selecting the correct control valve for your application. Talk to one of our Technical Specialists today!

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