Hy­droelec­tric Power Plants

Our reliable control valve technology for hydroelectric power plants ensures reliable power generation, which is created by utilizing the geodetic height difference between high-altitude sources and the water discharge in the valley. At the high-altitude water reservoir, electricity is generated by the water pressure via a Pelton turbine in the valley. A bypass control valve facing enormous differential pressure is installed in order to protect the process to the turbine. In mountainous regions of Switzerland, Austria, Norway as well as Germany, ARCA's control technology actively contributes to the generation of "green electricity" by hydropower plants.

By­pass con­trol val­ve for hy­droelec­tric power plants

Our bypass control valves ensure pressure control at the highest level. ARCA regulates geodetic height differences of up to 1150 m, which means a rough geostatic pressure of 115 bar. This enormously high water pressure, which is in the range of water jet cutting, represents a major challenge for the design of the bypass control valve. Our ECOTROL® Series 6H series fully meets this requirement.

Mul­ti-sta­ge trims

ARCA has developed special multi-stage trims that divide the high differential pressure into many small flows, so that the volumetric flow and the pressure difference are divided into many stages and can be reduced to atmospheric pressure in the valley. This is the only way to control the enormous differential pressure of the hydroelectric power plants without the destructive effects of cavitation.

Drin­king wa­ter con­for­mity

ARCA also ensures the supply of drinking water with efficient control technology depending on the requirements of the application. As an optional application for the water reservoir, the ARCA modular system also offers appropriate materials made of stainless steel in order to be able to offer a drinking water-compliant bypass control valve.

Fail-safe power sup­ply of hy­droelec­tric power plants

The ARCA bypass control valve must reliably regulate the water flow even if the water turbine with the generator fails. A 24 V electric drive is usually chosen as the actuator, which can be operated by its own connected solar supply.

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