ARCA delivers control valves for biomass heat and power plant

Kronospan, a global manufacturer of chipboards, MDF boards, OSB panels, laminated flooring and worktops have been working with the “Factory Of The Future “, EU’s project to reduce CO² emissions and environmental impacts of production plants substantially. To achieve this, a biomass heat and power plant was commissioned.

For the construction of the biomass power plant, CHP2, ARCA supplied almost all of the control valves and desuperheaters for the water-steam-condensate including all valves for the steam drum, boiler, feed water tank and condenser. Around the turbine, two steam Pressure Reducing and Steam Conditioning Stations (PRDS) were supplied, which redirect the steam in case of turbine failure. The high steam pressure is reduced in several controlled and fixed stages and at the same time the temperature is cooled with the integrated ARCA steam assisted nozzle placed in the centre of the pipeline. These valves are of great importance for the availability and safety of the plant. They can close within 2 seconds as well as open by means of a solenoid valve. The steam test unit for pressure monitoring after the bypass station also formed part of ARCA’s scope of delivery and safety concept.

The production of wooden products require a lot of energy and heating. This production process also creates wooden offcuts, the wooden offcuts are ideal energy sources for cogeneration. With this approach, wood that has come to the end of its utilization cycle, can be thermically recycled, thereby replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy.

ARCA Control Valves and Desuperheaters in use through South Africa in a wide range of process industries. Talk to one of our technical specialists to see how we can assist you with your control valves.

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