ARCA is now certified “Main Valve Vendor” of BASF Chemicals in Germany and one of only two global suppliers for automated process control valves.

The Main Valve Vendor Concept (MVV 3) is a selection process for suppliers developed by BASF Chemicals that is aimed at supplying standard valves for plant maintenance and projects with key suppliers.

Early in 2014 BASF started a concept for qualification of suppliers that has been divided into three phases and was decided using the criteria of quality, security and costs. The MVV 3 project was started in 2016, building on the already successful MVV 2 project, for standard manual valves and automated valves. The objective of the selection process included long time collaboration with suppliers, standardisation, planning reliability and global footprint all leading up to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In future, small and medium-sized projects will be awarded directly to the MVV 3 suppliers without the need for tenders. For large projects the tender process will favour ARCA and one other control valve company both of whom are on the standard suppliers list.

With the qualification and acceptance to BASF Chemicals in Germany, ARCA once again proves its performance as a reliable control valve supplier. The award is sign of confidence that BASF places in ARCA. Visit ARCA control valves to find our more or contact one of our Technical Specialists who can assist you find a solution.

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