Arca – Refurbished as good as new

Before and after servicing of the Arca compressor blow off valves.

  • 48″ x 24″ class 150 (DN1200xDN600)
  • KVS 6000
  • 4,500kg each

These Arca control valves with low-noise trim are required mainly during start-up and shut-down of the compressor. In critical operation or if the compressor must provide constant revolutions during fluctuation in consumption, excess air is either diverted or blown off.

The most important task of the surge limit control valve, however, is to serve as safety valve in case of adjustments in the surge protection control.

In the pictures from left to right are Mackson Sepipi, Sello Moss and Simon Zimba part of our fantastic team at our Secunda valve repair facility. Thank you gentlemen for taking care of this wonderful client, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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