ARCA: Comprehensive Solutions for all Processes of the Coal Gasification

Due to the availability of coal, coke and other refinery residues in almost all industrial and emerging countries, as well as the high efficiency and the excellent CO2 balance, the energy production in so called Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power stations will in most countries show growth in the future.

In IGCC power stations, synthesis gas is burned in a gas turbine and the waste heat of the gas turbine can by way of heat reclamation be used for energy generation. During the gasification process the reaction parameters (medium property, pressure and temperature) make extremely high demands on all procedural components in the surroundings of the gasification reactor. The pre-product is extremely abrasive and has to be compressed to a reactor pressure of about 80 bar and then under this pressure be inserted into the reactor. The oxygen also has to be compressed to the reactor pressure and then (in most cases) preheated to 100-150°C to be injected through the control valves into the reactor.

With the expertise and technical skills of ARCA Regler GmbH in terms of development and production of control valves for abrasive media and for oxygen (including valves of nickel-base alloy like Monel and Inconel and also degreasing according to international approved standards), as well as steam and water valves for the whole circuit of the heat recovery, the ARCA Flow-Group offers comprehensive solutions for all processes of the coal gasification, the successive chemical processes and also for the energy generation from coal gas. To learn more

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