Steam Conditioning Valve Components tailored to meet any requirement:- 

Powerful actuator. Whether you want to use it for control or safety applications, the actuator for ARCA’s steam conditioning valves is designed with your plant in mind. This is made possible by our wide range of pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic actuators. The valve-closing force and stroking time of all actuators is sized according to your requirements.

Multi-functional positioner. The digital ARCAPRO® positioner allows the steam-conditioning valve to communicate with the controller or process control system via a multi-functional interface. The positioner is connected to the actuator either directly or using the NAMUR mounting method and ensures that the stroke feedback is always free from backlash for maximum precision control. The standard input is the standardized 4 to 20 mA analogue signal. HART®, Profibus®, and Foundation® fieldbus standards can also be used to establish a digital interface with bidirectional data exchange (including status messages). This means that the positioner can be parameterized in the field as well as remotely via the communication system. Optional accessories such as boosters, limit switches, and solenoid valves are available to customize the valve to suit your individual requirements.

Optimized static and dynamics sealing. ARCA have engineered a dynamic stem seal and static bonnet seal in the force bypass that are optimized in line with the pressure and temperature range of your application. The surface finish of the stem and the packing material are also taken into account here. The force bypass design used for the bonnet seal prevents assembly problems during service and maintenance. A self-sealing bonnet is used for high-pressure applications to ensure that the valve remains tight regardless of the torque applied to the bonnet screws. These design features also ensure that the valve seat and plug are not subjected to any lateral forces, thereby also minimizing internal leakage.

Versatile valve trims. These are the most crucial functional elements for controlling pressure and temperature. The perforated valve plug and seat ring are designed and manufactured to suit the prevailing flow conditions and the rangeability required. The type of water-injection selected is suited to the steam and cooling water temperature. For safety applications, a dirt strainer is inserted at the opening of the steam inlet. This prevents the ingress of contaminants and protects against defects. The patented retained seat ensures that maintenance is fast, simple, and cost-effective and does not require special tools.

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