Chemical Pulping

Every day of our lives, we use products manufactured by Sappi, Mondi, Mpact and many other leading companies. These could be the documents we print or the books and magazines we read. The catalogues and manuals we read that help us to purchase new equipment or to repair and maintain our assets or simply the manual needed to set up a new TV at home. When ordering on-line, the new notebook computer or latest toy for our children’s birthday comes in robust cardboard packaging. Your shopping bag, sugar sachet, food wrapper, toilet tisue and the serviettes we use at our family braai all from this industry. Not to forget disposable nappies for our new-born babies that save us a lot of time. How would you travel without a passport or money? Try and think of a day when you did not use something manufactured by these world class companies and how different your day would be without thousands of products created by the pulp, paper and cellulose industry.

This industry depends on efficient and reliable production 365 days a year, while you are sleeping and even when you are on your summer holidays. In order to remain competitive and provide a high quality product, valves need to work continuously with corrosive and erosive media at times under high pressure and high temperatures for extended periods of time. Failure in these complex manufacturing plants anywhere in the production process may lead to huge losses and possible rejection of product that fails to meet their high quality standards.

Together V&A and NAF Provide Flow Control Solutions

V&A Supply NAF rotary control, on/off and manual valves for almost any application in Pulp & Paper.

NAF designs and manufactures an extensive range including special designs for specific end user requirements. This is routine for NAF who have been doing this in colaboration with world class customers since back in 1899. Working with end users, listening to their specific requirements is what they have been doing since the very beginning more than 100 years ago and this still carries on today. From the very beginning NAF have understood the demands and challenges involved in pulp, paper and cellulose production.

The pulp, paper and cellulose industry is always evolving and improving. It is an important part of the transition to more environmentally friendly solutions because commercial plantations are a renewable resource.

Today, sustainable fibres are produced from dissolving wood, biofuels from residues are replacing fossil fuels, carbon fiber is being manufactured from the residual product lignin. All this and many more products from textiles to pharmaceuticals and food applications will be seen in the future. New processes have new demands on our products. Therefore at NAF, together with world wide customers they continue to develop their products to ensure that their processes work in the future without any problems leaving customers to focus on their core objectives.

Today NAF have established a global network of local sales and aftermarket support services and a broad customer base that trusts in NAF project management and delivery performance. For more than 25 years, V&A and NAF have worked together supporting manufacturers throughout South Africa. 365 days a year. Year after year.

FiberlineRecovery Process

Pulp mill illustration supplied courtesy of ANDRITZ.

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