If you call to speak to one of our 35 staff located throughout South Africa, and in the background you hear a dog bark or a baby cry, do not be concerned as it’s us working from home. Do not worry, we are not asking staff to work on the Easter weekend, it’s just me reminding you that we are always here as we have been for the last 32 years. Have a blessed weekend with your families.

We are locked down at home supporting amazing clients like Sappi, Sasol, Mondi, Eskom to name just a few and this is where our ongoing investment in the best technology is paying off for us (and you),

  • Our Dell notebook computers with the fantastic Dell XPS 13 being used by our sales staff make sure we can support you with the best tools with us at all times.
  • Microsoft Office 365 ensures we have everything at our finger tips and on SharePoint for all of us to access from anywhere and on any device. We can get that document for you on our notebook computers or our cell phones quick and easy.
  • Microsoft Teams enables us to have video meetings with each other and with clients in South Africa as well as our suppliers throughout the world, making sure we never skip a beat. Training is still proceeding using video as are sales, management and director meetings and we can still run the company and provide service even if we are not in our business offices or in the same building together.
  • Yeastar Linkus Mobile Client VOIP software ensures that we can be contacted anywhere at any time if you call one of our 3 main telephone numbers. (0861 103 103 / 011 397 2833 / 031 579 2593)
  • Syspro ERP & CRM software which we have run for more than 15 years ensures we can process any orders, track the delivery and capture client information from anywhere at any time.

We still keep our stock in the Vereeniging & Durban warehouses and our suppliers in Europe manufacturing valves are still are operating while DSV and Kuehne + Nagel logistics and freight forwarding specialists are importing and clearing equipment so you can keep your plants running. One of our suppliers in Germany, Zwick, has 5000 castings in stock and can machine, assemble and dispatch faster than you may think possible.

Please remember we certified by CIPC as an essential service which means we have all the correct documents to travel so technical staff come to site to support you or supply valves, actuators and positioners from our warehouses.

Do not forget to keep your family and loved ones safe.

Give us a call, as the 35 of us are here to help.

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