Final Inspection In Spain For Major Refinery Order

Final inspection in Spain for major refinery in South Africa being done by Greg Woolfuth (Operations Director) and Gareth Taylor (Sales Manager). The initial shipment forms part of the 63 DBB Expanding Plug Valves for a major project. V&A’s management decided to do final inspection in Spain  due to the importance of the client and the criticality of the project. These DBB Expanding Plug Valves are used for fuel management, tank storage, bulk loading for ships, road and rail tankers, multi-product manifolds, metering stations and aviation & marine fueling stations. Greg and Gareth can be seen working with the production Manager and QC manager. Gate and ball valves have an inherent seat seal abrasion which shortens the ability to provide tight shutoff. The wedge and seat rings in a gate valve or ball and seats in a ball valve rub against each other with each valve operation or cycle reducing the ability to seal over time. When the seats and seals are damaged you will get contamination and product loss.

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