ARCA ECOTROL® 8C 4.0 – The Universal Process Control Valve

The ECOTROL® 8C Control Valve has proven itself in over 15 years of use in the process industry, whether in energy technology, in chemical and petrochemical processes or in water and environmental technology. With the unique clamping seat system that enables simple maintenance without special tools, the stainless steel stuffing box chamber – irrespective of the housing material – and the patented soft seal, the introduction of the ECOTROL® 8C control valve set new standards for industrial control valves. The associated actuator type 812 was also a trendsetting innovation with its innovative diaphragm clamping by secondary path of force, the direct attachment of ARCAPRO® positioners and the possibility of blanketing the spring chamber with instrument air (with air guidance through the actuator stem, i.e. without external piping).
Version W4 of the ECOTROL® 8C series, which resulted from a technical revision focused on product quality, flow capacity and life cycle costs, has been available since the beginning of 2015. It is characterized by the following technical improvements:
• All housings up to DN 100 (4”) in nominal pressure PN 16, PN 40 and ANSI Class 150 and 300 as well as the associated bonnets are manufactured in the standard materials 1.0619 (A216WCB) and 1.4408 (A351CF8M) as investment castings in the lost-wax process. This results in an improved surface finish. Beyond that, the wall thickness required for casting is thinner, especially with small nominal sizes, which leads to a considerable reduction in the weight of the valve.
• The standard material of stainless steel housings has been changed as a matter of principle to 1.4408 (A351CF8M); this enables the delivery of valves for the temperature range down to -196 °C at short notice.
• The trims have been optimised with regard to seat diameter, flow coefficient and characteristic; the valve plugs and stems are now manufactured from an inexpensive friction welding blank.
• The actuator yoke was changed from nodular cast iron GGG 40.3 to cast steel that is resistant to low temperatures. The actuator type 812 is thus usable in principle even where there are requirements for earthquake protection as well as at temperatures down to -40 °C.
In all of these technical changes the recognised technical advantages of the ECOTROL® 8C have been retained as a matter of principle and attention has been paid to ensuring extensive exchangeability of the usual spare and wearing parts.
ECOTROL® 8C valves remains a technically and economically impressive even after more than 15 years of production. To learn more 

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