V&A Appointed Exclusive Agents for Storagetech Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves and Flame Arrestors for Bulk Storage Tanks

To protect storage tanks during operating cycles, Storagetech have developed a full range of spring and weight-loaded pressure-vacuum relief valves (PVRValves), flames arrestors, gauge hatches and roof manholes. Replacing the open vents on a fixed roof vertical tank with a PVR Valve enables the internal tank pressure to remain equal to the external atmospheric pressure. This alone cuts the loss of valuable product to the atmosphere by 30% depending. These Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves  can be combined with a flame arrestor or have the discharged emission piped to a vapour collection tank or flared to atmosphere. Both are features that will enhance safety and improve the profitability of the storage terminal.

Since the company was founded in 1982, Storagetech has acquired extensive experience providing technically advanced emission control & safety equipment for bulk storage tanks, tanker vessels, and road tankers. World class companies like BP, Chevron, Petronas, Shell and Total to name a few use Storagetech Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves and Flame Arrestors to safeguard the integrity of their  process plant and storage tanks.

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