For critical applications within the power industry you can rely on Westlock controls

Nations across the globe are struggling to meet the world’s growing power demand. The industry is constantly seeking ways to develop this precious resource faster, safer and more efficiently, with minimal impact on the environment.

Westlock’s experienced application teams deliver state-of-the-art solutions for our customers’ critical applications including high pressure and high temperature, severe service, isolation, over-pressure and control applications for actuated valves in:

Coal: controlling and monitoring valves to improve plant start up, performance and reliability for coal power stations around the world operating at temperatures as high as 720° C.

Natural Gas Combined Cycle: dedicated to optimizing and improving the reliability of our customers HRSG, Steam and Gas Turbine support systems.

Nuclear: optimizing the operation of valves on critical systems that serve this sophisticated, globalized market reliably regardless of code or reactor type.

Renewable Energies: whether solar, geothermal or biomass technologies.

Through the provision of robust, proven, integrated technologies, Westlock Controls’ products help customers across the power spectrum reduce downtime, optimize energy efficiency and produce safer working environments.

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