If You Are Looking For BIG, Zwick Can Do It!

For more then 40 years Zwick have been leading the world in Triple Offset Valves. In South Africa it is no different. From 3″ (DN80) to the massive 88″ (DN2200), Valve & Automation together with Zwick can do them all.

Currently there are many hundeds of Zwick Triple Offset Valves installed throughout South Africa, in production plants owned by Sasol, Shell, Engen, Sappi and Mondi to name a few. Not to forget the more than 1,000 pieces installed at various Eskom Power Stations.

With repair & reconditioning facilities in both Vereeniging & Durban,  V&A can keep your valves running for many years bringing them back to new each time using original OEM spares. After reconditioning, we can also do the seat leakage tests, hydrostatic tests before they get returned to your plant. If you want us to fit actuators and calibrate the positioners and controls allowing you to witness the final tests before delivery to site, no problem.

With multiple factories in Germany and multiple warehouses in Germany and USA where short deliveries are managed as well as over 5,000 castings ready for machining are housed, V&A and Zwick meet all of your needs.

Remember, the Zwick Tri-Con valve is ZERO leakage, provides true cone in cone sealing, does not use pins to secure the disc to the shaft which means the disc is self-centering and ideal for applications where there are high temperatures or differential temperatures.

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