Stafsjö’s launches new FEPM seat for high temperatures and chemical services

Stafsjö have released their new rubber valve seat compound FEPM for knife gate valve series WB11, WB14 and specifically for the full stainless steel high performance WB14E. The new rubber compound is currently available for DN 80/3” – DN 300/12” except for DN 125/5”. 

The new FEPM seat material is an improved Viton/FKM based rubber compound that has superior function and strong resistance to high temperature steam and aggressive chemicals, both acids and bases. Pulp and paper and chemical industries are field of applications were the FEPM materials are well known and used on regular basis. FEPM rubber can be used as a direct replacement for the rubber trademark AFLAS which is a TFE/P FEPM material.

The seat is rated for max 180°C in continues service and short term peak up to 225°C. The compression set resistance at high temperatures is superior to other standard rubber materials, but it is limited in low temperature applications. Function tests shows that the FEPM material can give the sealing system considerably longer life time compared to standard rubber compounds. This makes the FEPM seat suitable for severe applications where you need a long-lasting performance and a tight shut-off. 

New guiding pad material to WB14E: PTFE
In parallel with introduction of the FEPM seat material we also introduce PTFE guiding pads to WB14E up to DN 300/12” to replace standard POM-C in applications where it is needed to fulfil FEPM temperature and chemical resistance. The guiding pads are located in the chest area to prevent galling and to support the gate at pressure loads. These can easily be replaced at any maintenance work as well. 

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