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Actreg 8211 Actlock Partial Stroke TestingActreg 8211 Actlock Partial Stroke TestingActreg 8211 Actlock Partial Stroke Testing


The Actreg Actlock is a Partial Stroke Test (PST) module that is simple, integrated and a 100% reliable mechanical solution to fully test all final control elements involved with emergency shutdown and suitable for SIL3 applications. The new patented system provides mechanical PST with a fully automated system that does not have complicated software or fragile wiring and connections and brings more safety to all critical processes. The 3 in 1 option provides partial stroke test, locking device and automatic stroke limiter.

The Actreg Actlock module is available in carbon or stainless steel and attaches directly to an Actreg SY scotch yoke actuator body with integral mechanical stops. This mechanical stop can be actuated through a low pressure pneumatic line with minimum air pressure 3,5bar or manually, depending on plant requirements. When disengaged, the valve will have full stroke as per normal operation. We you apply air pressure to the module, it will engage a mechanical stop that acts directly on the actuator yoke. This module can easily be fitted from 5o to 30o. When the air pressure is stopped, the internal safety spring returns the mechanical stop to its original position. Should there be an emergency shutdown while the PST is taking place, the safety springs return to the module to the original safe position.

It provides the test for all final control loops, including solenoid valves, filter regulators and ancillaries at real speed. When PST is implemented correctly, it provides an enhancement to the final control elements (valves, actuators, solenoids….) by reducing its PFDavg (probability for failure) by 50% to the new safety instrumented function (SIF).

Our valve automation centres in Secunda and Durban are able to mount all scotch yoke actuators, PST devices,  valve positioners and switch boxes very quickly to plant and international standards.

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Integrated Mechanical Partial Stroke Test Module

  • Suitable for SIL3 applications
  • 3 in 1 option : partial stroke test, locking device and automatic locking limiter
  • Direct mounting to Actreg SY ESD actuator
  • Simple, integrated and 100% reliable mechanical solution
  • No complicated software or fragile wiring and connections
  • Robust and reliable. Vibration resistant. IP67 protection
  • No overshoot or spurious travel due to mechanical stop
  • Integrated feedback device
  • Test for all final control elements at real speed
  • No commissioning or calibration routines

Low Carbon Steel / Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel

  • Low presure pneumatic line min. 3,5bar air
  • Manually depending on plant requirements

Where simply and reliable Partial Stroke Testing is required in a mechanical device without complex software or fragile wiring and connections. Highly recommended in IEC61508 & IEC61511 for testing of ESDV, HIPPS or BDV.


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