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AR­CA­DRI­VE MULTI-SPRING 812812 Pneumatic Multi-Spring Actuator
AR­CA­DRI­VE MULTI-SPRING 812812 Pneumatic Multi-Spring Actuator
AR­CA­DRI­VE MULTI-SPRING 812Pneumatic actuator with integrated air duct
AR­CA­DRI­VE MULTI-SPRING 812Diaphragm and diaphragm clamping in force bypass
AR­CA­DRI­VE MULTI-SPRING 812Special protection for the actuator stem
AR­CA­DRI­VE MULTI-SPRING 812Optionally with emergency manual operator
AR­CA­DRI­VE MULTI-SPRING 812Double-acting piston actuator
DIAPHRAGM ACTUATOR MAMA diaphragm actuator
DIAPHRAGM AC­TUA­TOR 811Diaphragm actuator 811
AR­CA­DRI­VE AC­TUA­TOR 814Piston actuator 814

BRAND: ArcaCATEGORY: Actuators

The Arca ARCADRIVE pneumatic actuator is a simple design with a robust rolling diaphragm makes suitable for all applications while ensuring hysteresis-free control across the entire actuating range. These pneumatic valve actuators can be opened or closed using spring force or instrument control air.

The actuator is field-reversible, making them very versatile and providing security for your investments. The integrated compression springs ensure that the pneumatic control actuator always adopts a defined fail position. This is accomplished with very short actuating times meaning that alongside their control tasks, Arca diaphragm actuators also play a key role in safeguarding your plant. Explosion protection is not an issue when configuring pneumatic diaphragm actuators. A host of accessories and options are available including a manual emergency override.

We provide full valve repair and reconditioning facilities in Secunda & Durban.

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Rolling Diaphragm

  • Direct mounting to Arca globe control valves
  • Reliable rolling diaphragm
  • Reversible actuator
  • Integrated air supply
  • Compact design
  • Low dead volume
  • Low dead volume
  • Wide range of materials

Up to 149 kN

Temperatures–40 to +80 °C
  • Carbon Steel 1.0332 – Powder Coated
  • Stainless Steel 1.4301
6 Bar
Options &
  • Fail open or fail closed
  • Double acting
  • Manual overrides
  • Positioners

Operation of globe control valves throughout the process industry where reliable low maintenance hysterisis-free operation is required.

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