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NAF 8211 D30 Intelligent Valve PositionerNAF 8211 D30 Intelligent Valve PositionerNAF 8211 D30 Intelligent Valve Positioner

BRAND: NAFCATEGORY: Valve Positioners

The NAF-D30 is an intelligent valve positioner that offers reliable valve control and as the factory standard, mounts directly to the NAF-Turnex pneumatic valve actuator without the need for additional brackets.  Its compact modular design makes it the perfect fit for controlling the NAF-Torex butterfly valve, NAF-Setball ball segment valve and the NAF-Duball ball valve.

It is a robust and proven design that suits almost any control valve and is very quick and easy to configure, calibrate and operate. It is available with 4-20 mA, Hart, Profibus and Fieldbus communication plus a range of optional integrated limit switches and continuous position feedback. The NAF-D30 positioner can also be integrated into system and application that support FDT/DTM concept according to the specification. For this purpose the required DTMs for HART and Profibus are available. The digital technology ensures the most accurate control and is the basis of the diagnostic tools using ValveSight Software. The features for predictive maintenance increase the availability of your process.

A user friendly menu system with a graphics LCD plus LED indicators are available for local operation. Its housing is weatherproof in accordance with IP66 and remote mounting is possible for extreme conditions. The optional air block between positioner and actuator means you no longer need to find SS fittings and bend SS tubing which can easily get damaged on site.

Our Valve Repair Centres in Secunda and Durban provide a full valve repair and reconditioning service as well as valve automation to assemble and test your valve packages.

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Intelligent Modulating Rotary Control

  • Single or double acting
  • Combines high precision for small valves with very high air capacity to handle large valves
  • Instant, accurate calibration by pushing two dedicated buttons simultaneously from any menu position
  • Sturdy housing, robust large spool valve and proven digital technology ensure trouble free operation for many years, even when plant environments are very demanding
  • ValveSight™ DTM based predictive valve diagnostics provides overview of valve health to help avoid unplanned stoppages and to reduce maintenance costs
  • Scheduled or manual Partial Stroke Testing to ensure/validate On/Off applications can open or close valves when required
  • The spindle shaft is preloaded to eliminate play in the feedback mechanism
  • Graphics LCD, three status LEDs and intuitive multi-language menu system

Ratings & Certification

  • IP66 / NEMA4x
  • ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
  • IEC Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
8 Bar
Options &
  • 4-20mA position feedback
  • Integrated limit switches
  • Integrated air pressure sensors
  • Pressure gauge block
  • Air block to replace piping between acutuator and positioner
  • Fail last position
  • Remote mounting

Download Supporting Software here

  • HART
  • Profibus-PA
  • Foundation Fieldbus

Direct mount to NAF-Turnex modulating control actuators or mounting to any ¼ turn valve used for modulating control


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