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NAF-SetballSetball V-Port Control
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The NAF-Setball is a V port segmented ball rotary control valve that is highly versatile and designed for high performance modulating control. The excellent control characteristics are particularly beneficial under severe control conditions where the media contains solid particles and fibres, a wide control range is required, high pressure drops are being managed and if cavitation occurs.

The Zebra-CL™ live loading stem packing gives you a standard process control valve with a maximum temperature of 250oC that also complies with EN ISO 15848-1 for fugitive emissions. The one-piece, leak proof stainless steel body minimises leak paths, while metal seats with rigid welded overlay of Alloy 6 provides higher leakage resistance over extended periods. It has dual low friction bearings and a specially designed seat, resulting in a smooth operation and making it possible to use a smaller actuator.

The stem is splined so that the connection to the ball has zero backlash for optimum control performance while the direct actuator mounting capabilities of the NAF-Turnex double of single acting control actuator provides a high performance, vibration resistant, compact control valve package. The standard factory fitted NAF-D30 Intelligent Valve Positioner is easy and fast to calibrate with Advanced / Premium diagnostics to ensure you can monitor valve performance.

An optional air block can be fitted to connect the positioner to the actuator so that external piping that can easily be damaged is a thing of the past. Downtime is reduced due to the easy-to-service arrangement which allows for easy replacement of the seat and seat seal without the need for removing the segment and stem and actuator. The metal seat gives a sealing class to IEC 60534-4 Class IV with soft seat sealing class to IEC 60534-4 Class VI.

Our Valve Repair Centres in Secunda and Durban provide a full valve repair and reconditioning service as well as valve automation to assemble and test your valve packages.

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V-Port Ball Sector Control Valve

  • V-shaped sector that provides accurate control over a wide range, even at low flow rates and if used for viscous media with high concentrations of solid particles
  • One-piece, leak-proof stainless steel valve body to minimise leakage paths, with face-to-face lengths in acc. with IEC standards
  • Standard Zebra-CL™ packing for temperature up to 250oC
  • Ball sector with top and bottom PTFE lined bearings for low operating torque, so that smaller actuators can be used
  • Stem has a splined transmission to the ball sector for optimum control performance
  • Metal seats with a rigid welded overlay of Alloy 6 provide a higher leakage resistance over extended periods
  • The standard Alloy 6 seat can easily be replaced after turning the ball sector by 180 degrees, without the need to dismantle the valve
  • Direct actuator mounting capabilities of the NAF-Turnex actuator provides a high performance, vibration resistant and compact valve package

DN 25 – 700 / 1” – 28”


PN10 – 40 / ANSI 150 – 300

TemperaturesUp to 250°C
Wafer / Flanged
  • Stainless Steel EN1.4408 / CF8M
  • Carbon Steel
  • Alternative materials available
Alloy 6 / PTFE
Stainless steel EN1.4408 / CF8M + Hard Chrome Overlay
Options &
  • Process control applications throughout industry
  • Media that contains solids and particles
  • Pulp stock and media containing fibres
  • Where an accurate and wide control range is required
  • High pressure drops where cavitation occurs


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