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SCHROEDER AR VALVESSV Series - The all-rounder
SCHROEDER AR VALVESSV Series - The all-rounder
SCHROEDER AR VALVESSV Series - The all-rounder
SCHROEDER AR VALVESSV Series - The all-rounder
SCHROEDER AR VALVESSV Series - With control disc
SCHROEDER AR VALVESSV Series - With control disc

BRAND: SchroederCATEGORY: Pump Protection Valves

The SSV Automatic Recirculation Valve (AR Valve) is a reliable pump protection valve that automatically provides protection for centrifugal pumps. Damage can occur if the pump runs dry, experiences cavitation or during low load / low flow operation. Overheating, wear, cavitation to total loss and severe damage, are some of the signs that you need an automatic recirculation valve to protect your valuable asset.

“Reliable Pump Protection”

Generally suitable for pressures up to 140 bar (SSV18) or up to 180 bar (SSV19). As soon as the main flow falls below the required minimum flow as stipulated by the pump manufacturer, the AR Valve bypass opens to the extent that the required pump minimum flow is bypassed even if the main flow is zero. The pressure in the bypass is reduced via an inte­grated throttle line with a bypass non-return valve. The SSV series 10, 11 and 12 work with pressure reduction in the bypass by throttles only.

Operating Principle

The AR Valve is flow-controlled, i.e. the non-return cone that controls the bypass via a lever, is raised solely by the main flow into a specific position. Increasing main flow raises the cone and decreasing main flow lowers the cone position. The cone reaches its top end position at opera­tion flow. Via the lever, the non-return cone actuates the rotary valve in the bypass. When the cone is on its seat, the bypass valve is fully open.

By opening the bypass line, the increas­ing main flow lifts the cone and the bypass is closed simultaneously. The valve is a modulating design, i.e. it allows just as much liquid to flow through the bypass as is necessary to supplement the required minimum flow rate of the pump. The addition of main and bypass flow rate is always the requir­ed pump minimum flow. As soon as the main flow rate exceeds the pump minimum flow, the bypass is closed. Vice versa, the bypass is opened again when the main flow falls below the minimum flow.

Our Valve Repair Centers in Secunda and Durban provide a full valve repair and reconditioning service.

In addition this purely mechanical device does not require external power or any kind of control unit, thus ensuring low operating costs and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Eskom, Sasol, Sulzer, KSB, Weir, Flowserve and many others rely on Schroeder to protect their high value multi-stage boiler feedwater and process pumps.

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Automatic Recirculation Valve – The All Rounder

  • Reliable long service life
  • No special maintenance
  • Low pressure losses
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Max DP of 250bar
  • Self acting – controlled by medium (no external power or instrumentation required)
  • Modulating and low-wear minimum volume controls as a result of the rotary valve design
  • Non return check-valve function in the main line prevents pump damage by back flow from the process line at shut-off and standby
  • Multi-level pressure and volume reduction in the secondary outlet ensures low cavitation levels

DN 25 – 600 / 1” – 24”


PN 10 – 400 / ANSI 150 – 2500

Temperatures-250°C to 400°C

Carbon steel / Stainless Steel Other materials on request

Forged stainless steel / Hardfaced / Stellited
Options &
  • PTFE / KALREZ seals to suit media
  • Check in bypass line
  • Start up trim (during cleaning and plant start-up)
  • Warm up branch
  • Pressure gauge branch

For protection of multi stage centrifugal pumps during minimum flow conditions by preventing overheating, excessive noise, instability and cavitation. Ideally suited for the protection of boiler feedwater pumps.


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