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Striko - Flat Rupture DiscSF-M Versatile Disc
Striko - Flat Rupture DiscSF-MD Double Acting
Striko - Flat Rupture DiscSF-MV Vacuum Resistant
Striko - Flat Rupture DiscSF-M-TB Tank Containers
Striko - Disc/Holder/IndicatorSHF Holder + Indicator

BRAND: StrikoCATEGORY: Over Pressure Protection, Rupture Discs,

Striko SF flat metal rupture discs (bursting discs) are high precision safety devices for overpressure protection that can be installed directly between flanges with or without a holder. When the process pressure reaches the pre-defined limit, the disc opens to relieve the system keeping personal and plant safe.

Striko SF series can be used as a primary or secondary relief device and can be retrofitted into your existing process system between flanges. The SF is a multi-layered rupture disc that is used to for low and static overpressure and/or vacuum on process applications or on transport containers.

SF-M series composite discs are flat in design. Due to the flat design they can be installed directly into cramped installation points. They can be installed directly between flange connections or in Striko SHF and SHF Pro holders.

SF-MV series is a SF-M with an integrated vacuum support. The vacuum support safeguards the rupture disc againt response in the wrong direction. They can be installed directly between flange connections or in Striko SHF and SHF Pro holders.

SF-MD series has been designed in such a way that it responds, at a defined overpressure into one direction, and at a defined underpressure into the other direction. Overpressure and underpressure are often different pressure values. The SF-MD is primarily used for tanks, but can also be used for industrial processes with gases, liquids or multiphase media. They can be installed directly between flange connections or in Striko SHF and SHF Pro holders.

SF-M-TB Tank Container Rupture Discs protect road and rail tank containers against impermissible overpressure and/or underpressure. The flat tank rupture disc is available in the versions SF-M-TB (vacuum-supported and with PTFE protective film on the product side) and SF-MD-TB (double-acting). Tank rupture discs for common bursting pressures are available from stock DN 65 and DN 80, offering you the greatest possible flexibility and rapid availability.

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Flat metal multi-layered rupture disc

  • Used with or without holder
  • Leak tight preventing media leaking during normal operation
  • Can be delivered with different burst pressures in overpressure and underpressure direction
  • Upon request vacuum resistant with integrated vacuum support
  • Insensitive design with simple handling
  • Not sensitive to torque
  • Equiped with a 3D name-plate for safe detection of correct direction of installation as a standard
  • Suitable for gasses, vapours and liquids
  • DN 15 – 600 / 1/2” – 24”
  • Burst pressures – From 0.025 bar.g to 30bar.g
  • Working ratio – 80%
  • Burst tolerance – +-5%
Temperatures-120° to 260°C (PFA), 480°C (Metallic)
Stainless steel, nickel, tantalum, inconel or hastelloy,
Options &
  • Vacuum support
  • Burst indicator or sensor

For applications where you need a simple and easy to install pressure relief safety device to protect your pressure vessel, tank or pipeline from overpressure or potentially damaging vacuum conditions.


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