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Striko 8211 Standard Rupture Disc HoldersStriko 8211 Standard Rupture Disc Holders

BRAND: StrikoCATEGORY: Over Pressure Protection, Rupture Discs,

Striko rupture disc (bursting disc) holders series SHF, SHZ and SHU are suitable for installation between flange connections and used with SF (flat), SZ (forward acting) and SU (reverse acting) rupture discs. They have optimised sealing surfaces to ensure the best possible position and tightness of the rupture disc.

The holders support axial forces when attached the flange connections and thus they compensate optimally stress differences caused by uneveness of the flange sealing surfaces. The holders also protect installed rupture discs before installation and start up as the height of the holders protects the disc and allows for easier installation and removal.

The Striko holders are also suitable for use with rupture indicating / alerting systems. For larger sizes rupture discs can be installed directly between flanges.

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SeriesSH-F / SH-Z / SH-U
  • DN 25 – 250 / 1” – 10”

All stainless steels, whereby 1.4571 is the standard Special materials such as Hastelloy, Sandvik SX, Tantalum, PTFE lining and carbon steel.


For applications where you need a simple and easy to install pressure relief safety device to protect your pressure vessel, tank or pipeline from overpressure or potentially damaging vacuum conditions.


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