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Westlock 8211 Wireless Valve Monitoring System




Series : Wireless Valve Monitoring System The specially designed wireless valve position monitoring system from Westlock provides real-time information about a valve’s status directly into the control system, reducing failure and risk while increasing safety and yield. Features & Benefits

  • Easier engineering and installation
  • Faster commissioning and startup
  • Solution for space constraints, smaller footprint with internal antennae
  • Monitoring for manual, automated, rotary or linear valves
  • Reduced unwarranted field trips and labor costs
  • Improved operation efficiency and safety Multiple enclosure options (resin, aluminum, 316 SST)
  • High visibility beacon and wireless valve monitoring (0 to 100%)
  • 10 year battery life
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion proof options
  • Diagnostics and valve signature Direct mount to valves and actuators Easy integration with control systems


Technical data
Wireless Devices (WD) 10,000 using WMS Server
Per Wireless Management System (WMS) 120 using WMS Stand Alone
Wireless Devices (WD) 100 using Wireless Routers (WR)
Per Wireless gateway (WG) 32 without Wireless Routers (WG)
Battery Life
Wireless Devices nominal configuration: 10 years
Typical Distances
Wireless device (WD) to Router (WR) 25 m (70 m in open space)
Router (WR) to Router (WR)/Gateway (WG) 100 m (200 m in open space)
Handheld (WH) range 10 cm to 1 m
Typical Latencies
Hop to hop 10 ms
Wireless Device (WD) to WMS 1 second


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