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Zwick 8211 TriShark Control ValvesZwick 8211 TriShark Control ValvesZwick 8211 TriShark Control Valves

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The Zwick Tri-Shark Control Valve is a patented solution, which combined the Tri-Con Triple Offset Valve with our throttling cartridge to form the Tri-Shark. With this combination it is possible to control the flow even at angles of less than 25°. The ratio is 1:100 in comparison to an ordinary globe valve with a ratio of only 1:30.

Globe valves can be only used in single direction and are limited for shut off applications due to their lower leakage classes. On the opposite, our Tri-Shark solution can be used in both flow directions and with Zero Leakage shut off! The Body design includes a reduced trim, either one or two sizes down from the ordinary pipe diameter, means that the client not only safes the cost for the shut off valve next to his control valve, but also no more pipe reduction or modification is required, that’s the reason why the Tri-Shark control and shut off valve can be installed in the smallest spaces; no matter if in high or low pressure applications or made out of nearly any metallic material grades.

Another great advantage of the Tri-Shark valve is that due to the reduced trim, the actuator size is by far smaller and of course cheaper. Ideal applications are severe and overcritical services, Skids, filling or loading stations, geothermal steam, technical gases ,etc. They are suitable for a wide range of services, from -196°C up to +815°C, including liquids, gases and steam.

Our Valve Repair Centres in Secunda and Durban provide a full valve repair and reconditioning service as well as valve automation to assemble and test your valve packages.

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SeriesTri-Shark - Control Valve Trim

Triple Eccentric / Triple Offset with Throttling Trim Cartridge

  • SIL3 Certified
  • Stable control with rangeability exceeding 100:1
  • Field replaceable equal percentage trim cartridge
  • Bi-directional –Class IV, V, VI & Zero leakage
  • Fire-safe design to API 607, BS6755, EN10497
  • Compact & lightweight
  • ZERO leakage bi-directional shut-off
  • Resilient metal to metal seats
  • Quarter turn friction free operation – No seat rubbing
  • Self-centering torque seated disc – True cone in cone sealing
  • Temperature compensating – No shaft to disc pins
  • Supported bearing bushing for optimal shaft support
  • Anti blow-out shaft

80mm to 1800mm / 3” to 72”


PN16 – 100 / ANSI 150 – 900

Temperatures-196°C to +815°C
Double flanged / Lug / Wafer

Carbon steel / Stainless Steel / Alloy steels / Special alloys

Resilient metal to metal
  • Material and/or pressure test reports with cert. to EN 10204 / 3.1
  • Fire Safe acc. API 607 4th ed. and B.S. 6755 for both directions
  • CE-Certificate acc. to 2014/68/EU
  • Anti blow-out shaft API 609
  • Leakage testing to API 598 and/or DIN EN 12266-1
  • Fugitive emissions to TA-LUFT 1 & 2 / VDI 2440
  • BAM-Approval for Oxygen
  • Mounting bracket acc. to ISO 5211
Options &

Where you are looking for a control valve with an excellent control range that also offers zero leakage. Severe service for the control of liquids where cavitation control is required and the control of gases and steam where noise attenuation is required.


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