Richter – MNK Magnetic Drive Pump


Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH, a global leader in PFA lined pump and valve solutions, have introduced a new feature for the MNK 200-150-315 pump.

Richter Chemie-Technik Germany have developed the world’s largest fluoropolymer-lined, magnetically driven centrifugal pump. This pump made it possible to move flow rates up to 600 m3/h and achieve delivery heights up to 60 m.

Being able to control these operating conditions with this new product inevitably led to increased demand from international end-users. These ranged from the density of the conveyed product, temperature and flexible delivery rates from the partial load range to the overload range.

These increased demands, especially in the partial load range, require optimization of the impeller to control forces, vibration and noise emission.  The result is an impeller with five main blades and five additional “Splitter Blades.” Going forward the new “Impeller Hydraulics III” will be used as the standard in our MNK 200-150-315 pump.

Existing impellers can be easily replaced due to identical hydraulic performance against the previous “Standard Hydraulics II”.

This improvement makes the biggest lined magnetic pump in the world even more powerful and reliable in the most critical applications.




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