Schroeder SHP High Pressure Pump Protection Valves For Egypt

The Schroeder High Pressure Pump Protection Valve will be among the high pressure valves being supplied for the world’s biggest gas-fired combined-cycle power plant complex currently built in Egypt. The first of a total of 36  Schroeder High Pressure Valves (SHP) have already been delivered. This automatic recirculation valve is designed for the high pressure range. Situations involving highly fluctuating pump loads over  long periods of operation under extreme partial load conditions is exactly where you should use them.

The Schroeder High Pressure Valve SHP is an automatic recirculation valve which was developed to protect pumps and equipment from damage that can occur due to the flow rate falling below the permissible minimum. Thus the SHP is suited primarily for customers in the field of power plant and plant construction and the offshore industry. The SHP builds on existing Schroeder Valves technology. The company already has decades of operational experience with almost all of the effective principles and assemblies used. As such the SHP can be considered ‘Proven Equipment’. The individual system components have simply been modified and innovatively combined, as such that they enhance the dependable and low-wear area of application of the existing technology to meet the increased requirements. Thus, the new SHP-series automatic recirculation valve enables and promotes the energy-efficient operation of modern power plant facilities.

The Solution For Modern Power Stations

SHP leak off valves also known as automatic recirculation valves are for high pressure power generation pumps, low-wear operation and high load fluctuations within power stations. The SHP series leak off valve protects pumps and equipment from damage that can occur due to the flow rate falling below the permissible minimum. The innovative design ensures that pumps and equipment are reliably protected, even in situations involving highly fluctuating pump loads and long periods of operation under extreme partial load conditions. This is achieved using a special fully automatic minimum flow control system that ensures the release of a modulating adaptive minimum flow. In addition, the wear-intensive extreme partial load range is deliberately overridden. The shut-off and pressure reduction functions are both functionally and physically separate from each other. This makes the SHP Series the ideal valve for applications involving very flexible operating conditions as found in modern power stations. Give one of our technical specialists a call. Contact Us Today. 

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