Schroeder Valves – Germany Comes to South Africa

After the loooong Covid isolation, it was an absolute pleasure to host pump protection specialists Heike Flick and Roland Pütz in South Africa for in house and client training as well as technical support to Sasol, Eskom, and KSB Pumps.

Of great importance was the the Schroeder SIP, which is an Automatic Recirculation Valve that protects pumps during low flow conditions and is ideal for applications with pressures between 120 and 250 bar in systems with continuous operation, even at load points below the pump minimum flow requirements.

To have face to face contact with our friends from Germany was wonderful and it feels good to be connected to the world again. Desmond Delport and his technical specialists managed the client visits.

In the pics below you can see the engineers attending the training and also seeing how the valves are stripped and operate at our Secunda valve repair centre.

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