Secunda – New Valve Repair Centre – We Are Open for Business

Exactly on time, we are in our new premises just outside the Sasol main gates in Secunda.

This new Valve Repair Centre boasts

  • A 10 ton overhead crane in addition to our 3 ton forklift capacity
  • Jib cranes with electric hoists for faster lifting onto workstations.
  • Hydraulic Torque Wrench for faster stripping and reassembly.
  • Expanded Valve Actuation Facilities.
  • Expanded Seat Leakage & Hydrostatic Testing Facilities.
  • Expanded Final Acceptance Facilities and Spray Booth.
  • Meeting & Training facility with Video Conferencing.
  • Cappuccino machine in the boardroom.

And off course, what would new offices be without us planting indigenous trees. We chose Celtis Africana (Stinkwood) which grow well in Secunda and attract birds and butterflies and are off course very beautiful.

There are so many people to thank that it is likely that I may miss some. Thank you to Deon & Victor world class project managers from FTCS (Fast Track Construction Services) Secunda who managed everything for us. Thank you to the V&A team including Desmond, Ashley, Greg, Gideon, Annerien, Simon, Max and Cello. Thank you everyone, you have done V&A proud. Let’s impress Sasol with our professionalism and service and remember they always have a choice, so let’s work hard to ensure we are their first choice.

Talk to our technical specialists today, to see how we can assist with valve repairs.

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