ARCA – Sustainability by Packaging Reduction

There is probably no other term that has been used and interpreted in recent years in so many ways as the term ”sustainability “.

Originating from forestry, today the principle of sustainability is comprehensively explained by “meeting current needs without withdrawing from future generations.”

With these fundamental ideas in mind ARCA developed and produces their range of control valves.

With the process data and framework conditions supplied by customers, ARCA ‘s control valves are sized for the lifetime of the respective plants and beyond that, resource-saving without any negative impact on the product.

The responsibility for the control valves does not cease with the successfully completed pressure tests and final inspections but continues with the packaging and delivery, up to the initial operation.

Previously the packaging was never in focus as it is usually dictated in a packaging specification directive by the customer.

With ARCA’s ongoing goals to improve, we examined our packaging. Initially all the small parts, that were packaged wastefully in plastic bags. While researching we found a shrink hood machine that secures the small parts to corrugated paper and then holds it in place with a shrink-wrap foil. With this method we reduce about 75% of the plastic parts of the existing packaging and at the same time ARCA offers the customer a higher-quality and more robust packaging unit. As a positive benefit, the labelling and its readability have been improved. A win-win situation for the environment and the company and another contribution from ARCA for sustainability.

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