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Arca in Space – Ariane 6 Rocket

ARCA were also part of the team at the start of the latest launcher generation ARIANE 6. Engineering Excellence is in demand here, near the city of Kourou in French Guiana. A reliable supply under the highest loads has to be guaranteed at the rocket launch pad of the European Space Agency ESA. Our control valves are installed in the fuel filling system, where they ensure that helium, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are fed reliably into the fuel tanks of the rockets. Read more in the latest ARCA-R…

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ARCA ONCE AGAIN NA­MED AS BASF’S “MAIN VAL­VE VEN­DOR” (MVV4) ARCA has once again been named as BASF’s MVV partner (MVV4) for the period from 2021 to 2026. After the conclusion of the award process, the pleasing news came that ARCA will continue to be MVV4 supplier for the Awarding Cluster Unlined Global Control and both sides are looking forward to continuing the current cooperation. The framework agreement will shortly be finalised and signed. Arca is thus one of two global key supp…

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Read about the following in the latest magazine BASF Chemical Plant in Germany supplied with 250 pieces Arca globe control valves. Arca bypass steam stations for paper mill. Arca receives silver medal in Ecovadis Awards. New steam conditioning station for chemical plant. Any so much more. To find out more download the latest Arca 2021 magazine.   …

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Arca – Their new 2020 magazine is here

Sustainability is a major issue with ARCA Flow Group as you will read in our latest magazine. Sustainability has many faces. In our latest magazine we would like to introduce some of them from our everday life to you. Be it packaging reduction, be it measures for the long-term reduction of energy consumption or the increasing use of our products in biomass power plants for example. Download the latest magazine and read for yourself or visit the Arca Control Valve section to learn more.   …

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ARCA – Around the Steam Turbine

At the heart of a power station are the steam turbines and Arca has the excperience. They serve as a generator or mechanical drive for pumps and compressors. For its operation a network of valves is built around the turbine. Steam inlet valves direct the steam flow into the turbine while extraction valves withdraw the steam from the different intermediate stages. Gland steam and leakage steam control valves provide the labyrinth seals in the hub areas with steam, that seal the turbine shaft towa…

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