Another DN500 / 20in NAF-Torex – Oxygen Cleaned to EIGA

DN500 / 20in actuated NAF-Torex metal seated butterfly valve after seat leakage testing, prior to oxygen cleaning, being admired by Simon Zimba. RJ Ferreira (Regional Manager) holding screen open for Secunda team members Gideon Brown, Simon Zimba and Mackson Sepipi. Final pic with valve after oxygen cleaning and plastic wrapped. Call our technical team today, to see how we can assist with you oxygen cleaning requirements. …

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New EIGA Oxygen Cleaning Facility

Our new Secunda EIGA Oxygen Cleaning Facility Now Operational In the picture you see the first 4 x DN500 Class 150 NAF-Torex metal seated butterfly valves for Nitrogen service that have passed the oxygen cleaned process according to EIGA standards. Both Blue Light and White Light were used together with lint free cloth to ensure no dust, rust, grease or foreign particulars were visible on the body and seat arrangement area. A 2 ton hoist was used to lift the valves into the container that was b…

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