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Arca – Refurbished as good as new

Before and after servicing of the Arca compressor blow off valves. 48″ x 24″ class 150 (DN1200xDN600) KVS 6000 4,500kg each These Arca control valves with low-noise trim are required mainly during start-up and shut-down of the compressor. In critical operation or if the compressor must provide constant revolutions during fluctuation in consumption, excess air is either diverted or blown off. The most important task of the surge limit control valve, however, is to serve as safety va…

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HCL Burner Commissioning – On Site with Johan

Our Regional Manager Johan Jacobs on site commissioning our equipment with one of our favorite clients, a global leader in Sustainable Packaging and Paper with operations around the world. This phase was 120 + pieces of manual, on/off and control valves. More that 1,000 pieces supplied over the last few years on various chemical plant upgrades on this site. Valve supplied this phase, Richter KN series lined ball valves & KNR Lined control valves Richter RSS lined globe control valves Richte…

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Arca in Space – Ariane 6 Rocket

ARCA were also part of the team at the start of the latest launcher generation ARIANE 6. Engineering Excellence is in demand here, near the city of Kourou in French Guiana. A reliable supply under the highest loads has to be guaranteed at the rocket launch pad of the European Space Agency ESA. Our control valves are installed in the fuel filling system, where they ensure that helium, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are fed reliably into the fuel tanks of the rockets. Read more in the latest ARCA-R…

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We are back home at 14 Elmfield Place

After the devastating fire of 2021, then insurance approvals and a 7 month rebuild we are finally back home. Thanks to so many people for making the rebuild and relocation a success including, Our brilliant, amazing and fantastic staff. Our wonderful clients Mondi, Sappi, Sasol and so many more. Our amazing European suppliers Actreg, NAF, PMV, Richter and Zwick who replaced stock that was lost in the fire in record time. Our brilliant insurers Compendium Insurance Group who ensured we received …

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Secunda – New Valve Repair Centre – We Are Open for Business

Exactly on time, we are in our new premises just outside the Sasol main gates in Secunda. This new Valve Repair Centre boasts A 10 ton overhead crane in addition to our 3 ton forklift capacity Jib cranes with electric hoists for faster lifting onto workstations. Hydraulic Torque Wrench for faster stripping and reassembly. Expanded Valve Actuation Facilities. Expanded Seat Leakage & Hydrostatic Testing Facilities. Expanded Final Acceptance Facilities and Spray Booth. Meeting & Training f…

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Successfull FAT on a 16″ ARCA Globe Control Valve

Our Gauteng team recently completed another successful FAT on a 16″ #300 Arca globe control valve for Sasol that will be used to protect critical process equipment. Body material is A351CF8M. Thank you RJ, Desmond and Gideon for taking care of a very special client. Contact our team of technical specialists to see how we can assist with your process control applications.   …

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Arca – Their new 2020 magazine is here

Sustainability is a major issue with ARCA Flow Group as you will read in our latest magazine. Sustainability has many faces. In our latest magazine we would like to introduce some of them from our everday life to you. Be it packaging reduction, be it measures for the long-term reduction of energy consumption or the increasing use of our products in biomass power plants for example. Download the latest magazine and read for yourself or visit the Arca Control Valve section to learn more.   …

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ARCA is now certified “Main Valve Vendor” of BASF Chemicals in Germany and one of only two global suppliers for automated process control valves. The Main Valve Vendor Concept (MVV 3) is a selection process for suppliers developed by BASF Chemicals that is aimed at supplying standard valves for plant maintenance and projects with key suppliers. Early in 2014 BASF started a concept for qualification of suppliers that has been divided into three phases and was decided using the criteria of qua…

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Arca Control Valves New Company Video

Arca Control Valves in Germany is a family owned company now in its 3rd generation. Established more than 100 years ago, Arca now employs more than 500 hundred people in various countries. Arca has more than 100 patents registered showing that they lead the way in control valve technology. Arca and Valve & Automation have been partners in South Africa for more than 20 years. Take a look what Arca can do for you. Watch the new video now. …

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