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Arca in Space – Ariane 6 Rocket

ARCA were also part of the team at the start of the latest launcher generation ARIANE 6. Engineering Excellence is in demand here, near the city of Kourou in French Guiana. A reliable supply under the highest loads has to be guaranteed at the rocket launch pad of the European Space Agency ESA. Our control valves are installed in the fuel filling system, where they ensure that helium, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are fed reliably into the fuel tanks of the rockets. Read more in the latest ARCA-R…

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Another DN500 / 20in NAF-Torex – Oxygen Cleaned to EIGA

DN500 / 20in actuated NAF-Torex metal seated butterfly valve after seat leakage testing, prior to oxygen cleaning, being admired by Simon Zimba. RJ Ferreira (Regional Manager) holding screen open for Secunda team members Gideon Brown, Simon Zimba and Mackson Sepipi. Final pic with valve after oxygen cleaning and plastic wrapped. Call our technical team today, to see how we can assist with you oxygen cleaning requirements. …

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New EIGA Oxygen Cleaning Facility

Our new Secunda EIGA Oxygen Cleaning Facility Now Operational In the picture you see the first 4 x DN500 Class 150 NAF-Torex metal seated butterfly valves for Nitrogen service that have passed the oxygen cleaned process according to EIGA standards. Both Blue Light and White Light were used together with lint free cloth to ensure no dust, rust, grease or foreign particulars were visible on the body and seat arrangement area. A 2 ton hoist was used to lift the valves into the container that was b…

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The Superhero’s, The Profibus Positioner’s & an African Gold Mine

Tuesday 31st May 2022. It was a dark and stormy night. Ok just kidding but another day at V&A where we want to make our clients thrilled and delighted. The super heroes wearing the capes in this story are Viresh Girharie (Internal Sales Manager) and Greg Woolfuth (Operations Director). 08h30 Viresh receives a call from a client asking for 11 x Profibus Positioners. 08h45 Viresh checks stock as we keep 55+ PMV positioners at any one time comprising from 4-20mA to HART and Profibus. 4-20mA and…

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Secunda – New Valve Repair Centre – We Are Open for Business

Exactly on time, we are in our new premises just outside the Sasol main gates in Secunda. This new Valve Repair Centre boasts A 10 ton overhead crane in addition to our 3 ton forklift capacity Jib cranes with electric hoists for faster lifting onto workstations. Hydraulic Torque Wrench for faster stripping and reassembly. Expanded Valve Actuation Facilities. Expanded Seat Leakage & Hydrostatic Testing Facilities. Expanded Final Acceptance Facilities and Spray Booth. Meeting & Training f…

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The original news update was done on 8th July 2020 when we won the 1st phase of the chemical plant upgrade. So much has happened since the 1st phase, with phases 2 and 3 now having been won covering the brine plant, electrolyser and recovery boiler.     As of May 2021 the following valves have been supplied Richter fully lined ball, butterfly, plug, check valves and sight glasses NAF ball and butterfly ball and butterfly control valves Arca globe control valves Total pieces supplied …

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Actreg – Actlock Partial Stroke Testing (PST)

Emergency valves remain in their position and are actuated only in the case of emergencies. Often PST devices require complex software, a positioner with a PST function that requires special training and has fragile wiring and connections. The patented Actreg Actlock provides mechanical PST with a fully automated system reducing overall dimensions for the final control element compared with other solutions. It is simple, integrated with the actuator and a 100% reliable mechanical solution. It of…

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PMV-D30 Intelligent Valve Positioner

SA Instrumentation & Control Magazine – Front Cover Jan 2021. While pumps and valves frequently get most of the attention, it is often the actuators and positioning solutions that are running the show. Over the last few decades, the process plant instrument technician’s day in the plant has become busier. They see an increased work load in combination with increased pressure for plant uptime and reduced maintenance cost. Their knowledge base must today span from mechanics to pneumati…

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Arca – Their new 2020 magazine is here

Sustainability is a major issue with ARCA Flow Group as you will read in our latest magazine. Sustainability has many faces. In our latest magazine we would like to introduce some of them from our everday life to you. Be it packaging reduction, be it measures for the long-term reduction of energy consumption or the increasing use of our products in biomass power plants for example. Download the latest magazine and read for yourself or visit the Arca Control Valve section to learn more.   …

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ARCA – Around the Steam Turbine

At the heart of a power station are the steam turbines and Arca has the excperience. They serve as a generator or mechanical drive for pumps and compressors. For its operation a network of valves is built around the turbine. Steam inlet valves direct the steam flow into the turbine while extraction valves withdraw the steam from the different intermediate stages. Gland steam and leakage steam control valves provide the labyrinth seals in the hub areas with steam, that seal the turbine shaft towa…

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ARCA is now certified “Main Valve Vendor” of BASF Chemicals in Germany and one of only two global suppliers for automated process control valves. The Main Valve Vendor Concept (MVV 3) is a selection process for suppliers developed by BASF Chemicals that is aimed at supplying standard valves for plant maintenance and projects with key suppliers. Early in 2014 BASF started a concept for qualification of suppliers that has been divided into three phases and was decided using the criteria of qua…

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Arca Control Valves New Company Video

Arca Control Valves in Germany is a family owned company now in its 3rd generation. Established more than 100 years ago, Arca now employs more than 500 hundred people in various countries. Arca has more than 100 patents registered showing that they lead the way in control valve technology. Arca and Valve & Automation have been partners in South Africa for more than 20 years. Take a look what Arca can do for you. Watch the new video now. …

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