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Arca – Refurbished as good as new

Before and after servicing of the Arca compressor blow off valves. 48″ x 24″ class 150 (DN1200xDN600) KVS 6000 4,500kg each These Arca control valves with low-noise trim are required mainly during start-up and shut-down of the compressor. In critical operation or if the compressor must provide constant revolutions during fluctuation in consumption, excess air is either diverted or blown off. The most important task of the surge limit control valve, however, is to serve as safety va…

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Another DN500 / 20in NAF-Torex – Oxygen Cleaned to EIGA

DN500 / 20in actuated NAF-Torex metal seated butterfly valve after seat leakage testing, prior to oxygen cleaning, being admired by Simon Zimba. RJ Ferreira (Regional Manager) holding screen open for Secunda team members Gideon Brown, Simon Zimba and Mackson Sepipi. Final pic with valve after oxygen cleaning and plastic wrapped. Call our technical team today, to see how we can assist with you oxygen cleaning requirements. …

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Schroeder Valves – Germany Comes to South Africa

After the loooong Covid isolation, it was an absolute pleasure to host pump protection specialists Heike Flick and Roland Pütz in South Africa for in house and client training as well as technical support to Sasol, Eskom, and KSB Pumps. Of great importance was the the Schroeder SIP, which is an Automatic Recirculation Valve that protects pumps during low flow conditions and is ideal for applications with pressures between 120 and 250 bar in systems with continuous operation, even at load poi…

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Secunda – New Valve Repair Centre – We Are Open for Business

Exactly on time, we are in our new premises just outside the Sasol main gates in Secunda. This new Valve Repair Centre boasts A 10 ton overhead crane in addition to our 3 ton forklift capacity Jib cranes with electric hoists for faster lifting onto workstations. Hydraulic Torque Wrench for faster stripping and reassembly. Expanded Valve Actuation Facilities. Expanded Seat Leakage & Hydrostatic Testing Facilities. Expanded Final Acceptance Facilities and Spray Booth. Meeting & Training f…

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Secunda – New Valve Repair Centre – 1 Week To Go

After 18 monhs of planning and 4 months of construction our New Valve Repair Centre is almost complete. Inside all complete, 10 ton crane installed and load testing done, paving outside being completed. Generator, spray booth and compressors go in 2nd November and we then move in from the 3rd. By 5th November 2021 we will be up and running. We are just outside the main Sasol Secunda gate and just behind Builders Warehouse at 18 Kingfisher Street, Ext 57, Secunda. Talk to our technical speciali…

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New Secunda Valve Repair Centre >50%

Construction of our new Valve Repair Centre in Secunda is >50%. Deon and Victor of Fast track Construction Services (FTCS) are still doing a great job managing this project for us. The project is still ahead of schedule and the 10 ton crane will be installed during September. Project completion is still planned for end October 2021. To find out more about our Valve Repairs Centres and our capabilities.  …

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This is the kind of work we do. Well done Valve Repair Team

Jannie and his Valve Repair team have done us proud again. Make sure you look at the before pic first then see what is looks like when delivered yesterday.  The valve is a 14in (350mm) Piviviesse ball valve used by Sasol.               We have factory accredited facilities are available in both Vereeniging and Durban where skilled technicians with knowledge and extensive experience carry out the required valve repairs and reconditioning using OEM components.…

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