The HX Story – Greater Demands Calls For Action

In 2011 Stafsjö was faced with a request from a well known international OEM supplier with a strong foundation within the Pulp and Paper Industry. They wanted a technically fast and reliable valve capable of operating within a broad range of pressures, pulp concentrations and temperatures. The develop ment team at Stafsjö got down to work and the story of the 20 bar rated HX valve began.

The production volume at pulp and paper mills across the globe are increased, new mills are being built capable of achieving new record production volumes and old plants are being converted or upgraded. As a knife gate valve supplier Stafsjö represents a part of the machinery equipment.

The Stafsjö HX knife gate valve ensures batch digester isolation during pulp stock production.

Read the story about HX severe service knife gate valve to see how it can help you improve production or find out more about the Stafsjö range of high pressure knife gate valves.


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