The Superhero’s, The Profibus Positioner’s & an African Gold Mine

Tuesday 31st May 2022.

It was a dark and stormy night. Ok just kidding but another day at V&A where we want to make our clients thrilled and delighted.

The super heroes wearing the capes in this story are Viresh Girharie (Internal Sales Manager) and Greg Woolfuth (Operations Director).

08h30 Viresh receives a call from a client asking for 11 x Profibus Positioners.

08h45 Viresh checks stock as we keep 55+ PMV positioners at any one time comprising from 4-20mA to HART and Profibus. 4-20mA and Profibus are common in KZN & Coastal region whereas 4-20mA and HART used primarily used in Gauteng & Inland with large chemical companies. The quote was e-mailed together with PMV Positioner data sheet. It was confirmed that we had 10 x PMV Profibus Positioners in stock at Durban.

09h00 Customer decided he wanted to proceed. Of great importance was that the client needed the positioners in Johannesburg by 16h00 the same day as he was booked on a flight to a visit a mine in Ghana.

10h10 After all formalities done with processing orders Viresh tried to book a flight using cargo as we have done many times before prior to Covid. The next cargo flight would be in Johannesburg 16h30 which would mean that it would be too late for the client to take with him, so this was not an option.

10h30 Viresh & Greg spoke about the best way to help the client and it was decided that Viresh would put his superhero cape on, book a ticket to Jhb and take the PMV positioners with him to hand deliver to the client in time.

10h45 Viresh went to stores, helped pack the 10 x PMV Positioners and drove to the airport. He managed to book a flight at 13h30 and called the client advising him of the progress and advising when he would be there.

15h20 Viresh met with the client at the airport and put the box of positioners in his hands. Viresh goes on to say that “The client was extremely grateful for our excellent service. Thanked me many times and explained he was on his way to AngloGold Ashanti in Ghana and they needed the positioners to assist in start-up”. A few minutes later he was on his way with his luggage and 10 x PMV Positioners. Viresh also says that “I was very proud and satisfied that we as V&A could meet and deliver this customers requirement, all in a day’s work”.

18h00 Viresh returned to Durban.

Thank you Viresh and Greg, you make us all very proud that you could assist the client and end user who needed to start up. Not quite “all in a days work”, but something special.

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