Greg Woolfuth and RJ Ferreira recently attended a week long advanced control valve sizing and selection training course at ARCA Control Valves in Germany improving their skills significantly. ARCA now has 3 seperate factories in Germany with each one specialising in a different control valve range. Greg & RJ visited the factory that manufactures all the special designs and positioners as well as the factory that manufactures the high volume fast moving 1″ to 4″ Ecotrol® Globe Control Valve which can be assembled and despatched to you in a matter of days or weeks.

Advanced control valve training covered high pressure reduction valves for severe service as well as steam conditioning and desuperheaters. Inspection was also done on the oxygen cleaning facility.

The top pic is of ARCA’s ultra-modern head office and you can see them standing next to a 24″ Globe Control Valve.

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