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Actreg 8211 RP Pneumatic Valve ActuatorsActreg 8211 RP Pneumatic Valve ActuatorsActreg 8211 RP Pneumatic Valve ActuatorsActreg 8211 RP Pneumatic Valve Actuators

BRAND: ActregCATEGORY: Actuators

The Actreg RP Series is a pneumatic rack and pinion valve actuator used to automate quarter turn ball, butterfly and plug valves. They are manufactured in accordance with EN 15714-3 and produce torques up to 6,500 Nm reliably and safely. The springs are pre-loaded and encapsulated for safety while the shaft is blow out proof.  Available in double acting or spring return they are compact and lightweight and in a variety of corrosion resistant materials to suit demanding environments from standard (C3) to chemical environments (C4,C5-I) to coastal marine with salt spray (C5-M).

High quality materials and continuous improvement ensures that these valve actuators meet the demanding standards of all process industries. The Actreg is the only extruded aluminium actuator that has the serial number and heat number details marked into the housing for traceability. Couplings are according to ISO 5211 and DIN 3337. Standard NAMUR brackets and manual overrides ensure that packages can be assembled and tested quickly to meet plant standards.

These actuators are all ex stock in South Africa and our valve automation centres in Secunda and Durban can assemble and test your valve packages to international standards. For control applications, options of pneumatic positioners, 4-20mA positioners, HART Positioners and Profibus Positioners are available. Switch Boxes are also available from stock in South Africa.

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Pneumatic Rotary Rack & Pinion Valve Actuator

  • Maintenance-free, high cycle bearings
  • Pre-tensioned springs for safety
  • One piece blow-out proof shaft
  • Accurately machined rack / pinion reduces backlash
  • Highly corrosion-resistant body & end caps
  • External stroke adjustment ± 5o
  • Mounting to international standards
Up to 6,500 Nm
8 Bar

Actuator has extruded anodised aluminium body for superior corrosion resistance to EN ISO 12944-2 category C3 as standard

Options &

These pneumatic valve actuators provide on /off and modulating control for quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and dampers.


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