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ARCA - BIOVENT®Hygienic Valves Series 391
ARCA - BIOVENT® TRIMSStandard parabolic plug with metal seal 391
ARCA - BIOVENT® TRIMSParabolic plug with V-ring soft seal 391
ARCA - BIOVENT® TRIMSPerforated plug 391
ARCA - BIOVENT® TRIMSStem sealing with combi sealing element 391
ARCA - BIOVENT® TRIMSStem sealing with sterile lock 391
ARCA - BIOVENT® SHAPES AND CONNECTIONSAngle valve with weld ends (Type391-P1-L)
ARCA - BIOVENT® SHAPES AND CONNECTIONSStraight-way control valve with round thread (type 391-P1-BO)
ARCA - BIOVENT® SHAPES AND CONNECTIONSStraight-way control valve with flanged end (type 391-P1-BM)
ARCA - BIOVENT® SHAPES AND CONNECTIONSThree-way valve with tri-clamps as a flow mixer (type 391-M-WM)
ARCA - BIOVENT® SHAPES AND CONNECTIONSThree-way valve with different connections as a flow divider (type 391-T-WM)
ARCA - BIOVENT® SHAPES AND CONNECTIONSMulti-stage valve with welded ends (type 391-P3-BM)

BRAND: ArcaCATEGORY: Control Valves

The Arca Biovent Series 391 Hygienic Control Valve is used in applications where your process has the highest requirements for hygiene, cleaning possibilities and cost-effectiveness. These valves meet the highest international standards for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

The Arca Biovent Control Valve provides

Flexible hygienic housing
The Arca Biovent stainless steel spherical housing with zero dead space offers the ideal flow conditions. This hygienic control valve is CIP capable and ensures that any residue is drained. This design makes the valves easy to clean and prevents damage caused by oxidation as well as media from settling. The housing components are all connected together by means of stainless steel clamping rings, which enables easy maintenance and allows various housing and connection types to be used.

Hygienic housing and stem seals
EPDM O-rings, which are shaped to a specific size in a form-fit installation space, are used as standard to ensure that the housing components are sealed in line with FDA requirements. The O-ring is pre-tensioned so that it is flush with the wall of the housing and secures the seals. Optimum CIP conditions are therefore ensured. A special combination sealing element with wiper ring is used on the dynamic seal of the valve stems. Purge liquid and/or particles are removed upstream of the sealing element and bearing, thereby preventing them from settling or being crushed between the stem and bearing.

High-precision valve trims
The Arca Biovent control valves are equipped with valve trims specially designed for the prevailing flow conditions in your plant. The shapes of the closure and valve seats as well as the material from which they are made are optimised in line with your process requirements. The replaceable plug and clamped valve seat allow the system to be easily adapted to different operating conditions. Various Kvs values can be selected for each nominal diameter, which means that the valve can be optimised to meet the actual process conditions.

Powerful valve actuator
This Arca hygienic control valve is fitted with a pneumatic multi-spring Arcapaq actuator type 813. Not only is it cost effective, robust, and explosion proof, but also provides short stroke times and a constant seating force. The actuator is available in different sizes optimised in line with the required actuating force.

Multi-functional positioner
Thanks to the digital Arcapro positioner, Arca Biovent hygienic control valves are equipped with a multifunctional interface with the controller or process control system and operate as standard with 4-20 mA. HART, Profibus (PA), and Foundation Fieldbus, for example, are used to establish a digital interface with bi-directional data exchange (including status messages).

We provide full valve repair and reconditioning facilities in Secunda & Durban.

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Hygienic Control Valve

  • Modular hygienic housing
  • Hygienic housing and stem seals
  • High-precision valve trims
  • Compact module uses clamp rings
  • Plug & seat replaced separately

15mm to 150mm


PN10 – 25

Temperatures-40°C to 200°C
Clamp / Flanged / Thread / Welded

1.4404 (316L)

1.4404 (316L)
1.4571 (316Ti)
Options &
  • Three way & multiport design
  • Parabolic & perforated plug
  • Sterile lock
  • Diaphragm seal

Dairy, beer, wine, fruit juice and other hygienic liquid applications.

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