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NAF 8211 Turnex Pneumatic Control ActuatorNAF 8211 Turnex Pneumatic Control Actuator

BRAND: NAFCATEGORY: Actuators, Control Valves,

The NAF-Turnex is a pneumatic control valve actuator that is designed for both on/off and modulating control, and mounts directly to the NAF-Torex butterfly valve, NAF-Setball SF ball sector valve, NAF-Setball ball sector valve and NAF-Duball ball valve without the need for additional mounting brackets.

It is available in both double acting and single acting and has internal air passages which means there are no external pipes to get damaged. The optional air block connects the actuator to a direct mount NAF-D30 Intelligent Positioner so that external positioner piping that get so easily damaged are a thing of the past.

Piston rods are mounted in PTFE bearings to ensure smooth operation and a range of splined sleeves are available for various stem diameters to reduce stock holding. This maintenance free actuator can easily be changed from fail open to fail closed by changing the spring pack that pre-loaded and safely contained. Limit position adjustments are available in both directions of travel.

Special emergency equipment and manual overrides can be fitted in the event of a loss of compressed air. These actuators are standard stock items in South Africa.

Our Valve Repair Centres in Secunda and Durban provide a full valve repair and reconditioning service as well as valve automation to assemble and test your valve packages.

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High Modulating Pneumatic Control

  • Direct mounting to NAF valves – no additional brackets required
  • Modular system – quick and easy assembly
  • Pneumatic 90° Operation
  • Internal air passages – no external air pipes that can get damaged
  • Long life maintenance free
  • Limit adjustments in both directions
  • Piston rod mounted in PTFE bearings for smooth operation
  • Flexible system of sleeves for various shaft sizes – means reduced actuator stock holding
  • Optional air block when mounting the factory standard NAF-D30 positioner so piping does not get damaged
Up to 20,000 Nm
8 Bar

Aluminum body and housing epoxy coated with stainless steel tie rods and fasteners

Options &

On/off and high modulating control for quarter turn valves and direct mounting to NAF quarter turn valves


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