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Procontrol 8211 SP Scotch Yoke ActuatorProcontrol 8211 SP Scotch Yoke Actuator

BRAND: ProcontrolCATEGORY: Actuators

The Procontrol SPS & SPD scotch yoke actuator creates high break-out torques making them ideal for all quarter turn valves such as ball, butterfly and plug. With torques up to 1,000,000 Nm, they will operate even the largest valve in your plant. Being SIL 3 certified, they are suitable for ESD and HIPPS applications. Our valve automation centres in Vereeniging and Durban can assemble and test your valve packages to international standards including hydraulic power pack for manual override. The reliability and firmness that distinguish them arise from a constant innovation research combined with the experience gained over the years. For control applications, options of 4-20mA positioners, HART Positioners and Profibus Positioners are available. Contact one of our technical specialists for a quote today or download the brochure to learn more!


SeriesSPS - SPD

All Steel Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Actuator

  • SIL 3 Certified
  • Fabricated entirely from carbon steel
  • Designed for 30 years service life
  • Totally enclosed weatherproof housing
  • Heavy duty mechanism for modulating service
  • Modular construction allows multiple configurations
  • Bronze sliding blocks for long life
  • Spring cartridge encapsulated for safety
  • Stroke adjustment +- 58 to 100 deg
  • High strength thrust bar supports transverse loads
  • Internal parts corrosion protected
Up to 1,000,000 Nm

Carbon steel, electroless nickel plated cylinders with internal corrosion protection. High strength internal alloys

Options &
  • Double acting and spring return
  • Symmetric or cantered yoke
  • High cycle option
  • Manual overrides
  • Valve positioners
  • Partial stroke testing (PST)
  • Switch boxes

A scotch yoke actuator for On /off, ESD systems and heavy duty modulating control for quarter turn valves


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