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Striko - Forward Acting Metal DiscSZ-X Double Safe Disc
Striko - Forward Acting Metal DiscSZ-X in SHZ Holder
Striko - Safety Valve ProtectionSafety Valve Protection
Striko - Safety Valve ProtectionSafety Valve Protection
Striko - Forward Acting Metal DiscSZ-M Domed Composite Disc

BRAND: StrikoCATEGORY: Over Pressure Protection, Rupture Discs,

Striko SZ forward acting metal rupture discs (bursting discs) are high precision safety devices for overpressure protection that are installed in a standard holder SHZ or in a pre-torqued holder SHZ Pro between flanges. When the process pressure reaches the pre-defined limit, the disc opens to relieve the system keeping personal and plant safe.

Striko SZ series can be used as a primary or secondary relief device and can also be used in combination with a safety valve. They are ideal for pulsating working pressures of medium to high strength.

Protect your Safety Valves

When using the Striko SZ rupture disc before a safety valve, you

  • Can use a safety valve with standard lower cost materials in a corrosive application.
  • Reduce fugitive emissions past the safety valve, due to the rupture disc being leak-tight.
  • Reduce the costs of maintenance extending the life of the safety valve.
  • Stop viscous media from adhering to and blocking the safety valve, hindering its performance.

SZ-X series is a convex domed cross-scored rupture disc that fulfills the highest requirement of tightness. The SZ-X is ideally suited for processes with medium to high pressures as well as volatile media where it protects your process reliably. Due to its non-fragmenting bursting, it can be easily installed in combination with a safety valve. It’s “Fail-Safe” design ensures that should it be installed incorrectly, it will fail at or below the specified burst pressure. They are installed in Striko SHZ and SHZ Pro holders.

SZ-M series are composite discs that are domed. Individually designed for your application they can have low and high burst pressures. Most commonly, these rupture discs are used for processes with pulsating pressures on processes with gases, liquids or multiphase media. They can be installed directly between flange connections or in Striko SHZ and SHZ Pro holders. For larger diameter sizes they can be installed directly between flanges.

SZ-MV series is a SZ-M with integrated vacuum support for full vacuum or high back pressures.

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Forward acting metal rupture disc

  • Non-fragmenting opening design
  • Ideal as single pressure relief unit or used in combination with safety valve
  • “Fail-Safe” design – incorrect installation leads to bursting of the SZ-X at or below the actual burst pressure
  • Available with a PTFE-liner
  • Equipped with a 3D name-plate for safe detection of correct direction of installation as a standard
  • Suitable for gasses, vapours and liquids
  • DN 15 – 250 / 1/2” – 10”
  • Burst pressures – From 0.02 bar.g to 200bar.g
  • Working ratio – Up to 90%
  • Burst tolerance – +-5%
Temperatures-200° to 480°C
Stainless steel, nickel, tantalum, inconel or hastelloy,
Options &
  • Vacuum support
  • PTFE Liner
  • Burst indicator or sensor

For applications where you need a simple and easy to install pressure relief safety device to protect your pressure vessel, tank or pipeline from overpressure or potentially damaging vacuum conditions. When you wish to protect your safety valve extending its lifespan.


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