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Westlock 8211 Digital EPIC D410D420 ESD PST Device


The Westlock Digital EPIC D410 is a position transmitter that provides partial stroke testing (PST) and emergency shutdown (ESD) for rotary and linear valves. It can be initiated remotely via HART signal or locally at the device for safety system applications. The non-contact position feedback with digital communication via HART protocol, provides a simple integrated package.

Features & Benefits

  • Using microprocessor-based technology allows digital communication via HART protocol.
  • Using “Non-intrusive” magnetic calibration input sensors on the outside of the EPIC D410 enclosure allows calibration without removing the cover, which ensures safety in a potentially explosive environment.
  • The valve position measurement is done via a non- contact magnetic pick-up eliminating mechanical drive arms or linkages thereby increasing reliability in high cycle applications or where vibration is present.
  • Has a highly visible position indicator.
  • Available with additional sight glass on EPIC D410 which gives view to the product’s LCD display.
  • Extra conduit entries and internal terminal points are provided for mounting and back wiring of a solenoid valve.
  • It has low copper content aluminium enclosure with polyurethane enamel coating assures both strength and corrosion resistance

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SeriesDigital EPIC D410/D420

Emergency Shutdown PST Device

  • Microprocessor-based technology uses HART
  • “Non-intrusive” calibration without removing cover
  • Non- contact magnetic pick-up / No linkages
  • Has a highly visible position indicator.
  • Sight glass to view LCD display
  • Extra conduit entries and internal terminal points
  • External corrosion protection

Aluminium with powder coated finish


The Westlock Digital EPIC is ideal for applications with sophisticated process patterns and those that require partial stroke testing )PST) or remote emergency shutdown (ESD) initiation


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